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Flat Panel VMT

High-quality materials, outstanding design and revolutionary technologies are all key components of the Vicoustic range of patterns for one of our most popular and advanced acoustic solutions – the VMT Products.

Returning to the objective that lead us to the VMT Line – simulate premium materials with great acoustic performance – Vicoustic is releasing now an exclusive premium collection for selected VMT Products, in collaboration with Mercado da Pedra, a leading luxury stone specialist in Portugal.

We have chosen to replicate exclusively some of Mercado da Pedra’s most desirable stones, with all the amazing acoustic properties of a Vicoustic solution. This includes top stones of the world: Callacatta Carrara, Emperador Dark, Fusion Wow, Grey Stone, Invisible Grey, Travertino. You can find this exquisite collection on Flat Panels VMT, Vixagons VMT, Suspended Baffles VMT, ViClouds VMT and Viclouds 3D.

You have now the chance to incorporate the look of exquisite luxury stones in your design projects, without the poor reflecting issues of natural stone.